Monthly Archives: November 2014

Organisation structure vs System Architecture

When there is a defect or problem, we try to do some ‘root cause analysis’ work out where the defect or problem is stemming from and try to fix the cause (hopefully) and not the symptoms of the defect. The same can be done (but is often not) for improving the architecture, rather than just […]

TDD, Unit testing and Microsoft Fakes with Sitecore Solutions

During my career, I’ve worked on a number of things which, in my opinion have been ideal candidates for continuous delivery/deployment. The problem however has always been that there are stakeholders outside of the development team who have concerns other than just getting features live as quick as possible. Different teams in an organisation obviously […]

Delivery teams are a system – what should own business logic and decision making?

If we can think of delivery teams as a system, there are certain things that we would try to do with this system. If the system is composed of many sub-systems/applications/services, we’d try to make sure that if there is an issue in one sub-system/application/service, that any impact to other sub-systems/applications/services are minimised. If we […]